ET Automotive Solutions Oy
etas Oy specializes in a variety of sandwich panels and lightweight structures, production techniques and to use them in motor vehicle industry, shipbuilding and marine industries, as well as special structures.

  • engineering: sandwich and special structures, building construction, adhesives
  • training
  • Fuhrmann laserwelded steelpanels and loader buckets
  • Lehnhoff backhoe buckets, Variolock fullhydraulic couplers
  • Tonar trailers and tippers
NWE Network Engineering Oy Ab

NWE Network Engineering Oy Ab offers quality products and insulation materials for automotive-, boat- and house building industries. Products are chosen with simple principles: they have to fulfill the needs the user has now and in the future. We also produce FIX cargo securing system.

  • FIX cargo securing systems
  • BRIANZA PLASTICA glass fibre reinforced polyester laminates
  • DUNA-Corradini polyurethane insulation
  • STIFERITE polyurethane building insulation materials
Vantrail VTR Oy Ab

We offer to our customers competitive solutions in technical trading and commercial trailer sectors. Our products are based on our view of the empirical future challenges and tackling necessary means. We represent mixing- and metering units, nano-coatings and a variety of transportation components. We also sell used trailers from PNO Trailer Oy, new Carnehl tippers and Cramaro tarpaulin systems for vehicles and agriculture.